Thursday, January 16, 2014

Birthday Blog

Happy Birthday to me! 
I have to say that this year I was trying to forget about my birthday. It seemed that it would be an easy day to forget- with an impending bomb threat to the school- many students were not in attendance. I thought I would just sail through the day under the radar. NOPE! Not the case, thanks to my Honors Art class and a couple of very special students that arranged an amazing FRIDA KAHLO (my favorite artist) birthday cake and surprise party for me in my room! 
It literallly MADE MY DAY! Thank you to all my students who make my job so awesome! 

Taylor, Stephanie, Emily, Jess, Jen, Matt, Alec, Caity, Sydney and Nina

And just for the record, when you are an ART TEACHER, 
you can have your 
CAKE and EAT it too!