Thursday, November 21, 2013

Honors Art Characoal drawings Completed

 It's long overdue but I wanted to share with you the incredible reverse charcoal drawing my Honors Class completed last month.  Students worked on these drawings for approximately 3 weeks. I posted a blog that showed their works in progress during the month of September. Look at how their hard work paid off! 
We hung the drawings downstairs in the main lobby for two weeks to share with the rest of the GHS student body. 
Kudos to all of these students for a job well done!

Alec Anand
Emily Russo
Jennifer Palazola
Jessica Palazola
Zoe Cortizo
Andrew Caden
Nina LoGrande
Rosie Margetson
Taylor Cognato
Caitlin O'Leary

Sydney Iwohn