Monday, February 25, 2013

Painting Self Portrait Finals

As a final exam for my Painting 1 students, they were to create an expressive self portrait. A task that may seem daunting at first, but once we looked at a little inspiration from the likes of Frida Kahlo, Chuck Close and Picasso~ ideas began to take life. I was thrilled with the results of these self-portraits! I wish I could keep all my students for the whole year. It seems that they just start to get into the swing of things and it becomes time to let them go. Make no mistake, I will be out there like a cowboy rounding up cattle to get them to sign up for Painting 2 being offered next school year! See you then!

Paula Costa

Johayne Miranda

Zoe Plank

Rebekah Montesino

Mikayla Healey

Laura Johnson

Kerri Colby

Jacqueline Wonson

Alfonzo Sanfilippo
Amy Donnelly

Completed Master Paintings

Zoe Plank
It's hard to believe that our semester ended at the end of January and I am just getting to our end of semester round up. Between blizzard days and vacation we have landed almost into March. I wanted to acknowledge some of the fine work that was done by last semester students before I post new work from the current marking period.

Painting Final Products

My A block painting class had a strong finish with their Master Painting reproductions. I know that I had posted a couple but here are more that came out super!

Sophie Donnelly

Laura Johnson

Peter Clark

Rebekah Montesino

Michael Falarano

Allie Biondo