Friday, April 29, 2016

Drawing 2 Class Stronger than EVER!

Nicolette Mason
I know it has been a while since I have posted. One of the main reasons is, even as I am writing, I am having a difficult time uploading to my blog. The school server isn't allowing me to post pictures. I have spent several hours, cropping, adding, editing and then when I go to post.
At least nothing I edit or crop will post!
Rant over.

Anyway, my Drawing 2 class has been absolutely killing it in terms of technique and creativity. From their sketchbook assignments to their projects they have been giving it 110% and I couldn't be prouder of all of them!

These first 3 photos you see are from a sketchbook assignment I call "Finish your Face" It's a creative sketchbook assignment that challenges students to use the proportions of the face in a creative way. There are just a few examples of what the class came up with!  The next two photographs are also a sketchbook assignment that required students to create a themed alphabet! We had a wide range of alphabet themes including Indian themed, flower themed, Star Wars and Dogs!

The last set of drawings are the completed projects of our unit on One Point Perspective. Each student picked a black and white one point perspective photograph to use as a reference for their drawing. Their use of value and light is just as impressive as their one point perspective technique! Take a look and I am sure you will agree! 

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Nicolette Mason

Aiden Cunningham

Ash Legere

Taylor Abbott

Christina Lane

Alyssa Marino

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Abstract Self- Portraits

My Honors Studio Art class had been working hard at tackling a different kind of self-portrait. This year we decided on an ABSTRACT approach to our self-portraits. We spend some time looking at a number of abstract portraiture from Picasso to my new, personal favorite, Piet van den Boog. We talked mainly about color and shape for abstracting our portraits. While we all agree, there is a fine line between Abstract and Surreal, we had a fun time blurring the lines. 
See for yourself!
Olivia Casey

Rachel Nearis

Matilda Grow

Alannah Allen

Jadin Aubrey

Alexis Orlando

Danielle Bauke
Sara Francis
Jacqueline Wonson

Matt Gately

Jessalyn Silveria